Security Guard Management

Southernsoft Technologies serves approximately 10 customers representing more than 30,000 employees, providing them highly flexible, easy-to-use HR and payroll solutions.

Solutions that work

Only SouthernSoft Technologies can provide a comprehensive solution that addresses all the complexities of the workforce. Every SouthernSoft Technologies application is built using the latest technology, established standards, and industry-leading platforms. And all of our applications are backed by vast global resources and a world-class services portfolio.

Experts you can count on

You get industry-leading customer service from service representatives with an average of more than 10 years' experience in the security guard industry, online chat support for meeting high-quality support standards, and a Certified Payroll Professional. You get the fastest implementation and the quickest ROI, and GuardForce is more cost effective because you will see results faster than any other system.

Direct sourcing

With Southernsoft Technologies, you get the greatest total value when you consider everything. More easy-to-use HR/payroll functionality. More effective HR and payroll processes. A unique company culture of happy employees. A commitment to our customers and our community. It all adds up to a more positive impact on your business objectives.

Payroll Solutions

HR/payroll functionality for the price. Everything you need is bundled together—HR, benefits, payroll, manager self-service, employee self-service, employee administration, plus the most extensive library of integrated HR/payroll reporting and business intelligence tools available today.