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WerkFors Payroll

WerkFors is the most powerful and flexible Payroll processing engine on the market. It delivers high performance, accuracy, and ease in getting paychecks out. Not only that, with prepackaged and custom reporting and online analytics, WerkFors's Payroll software empowers Payroll and finance specialists to find, analyze, and output the Payroll information they need with very little effort and no extra costs.

More product for the price: GuardForce’s payroll/human resources software and convenient HR/payroll service solution deliver more “out-of-the-box” HR and payroll functionality than any other vendor in the market today.

Most cost-effective implementation: GuardForce allows you to begin experiencing hr and payroll software benefits fast, with the quickest time to live payroll and the ability to implement HR/payroll functionality in stages to address your most critical needs first—for a quicker return on your investment.

Easily integrates with your ERP: GuardForce delivers unique Enterprise Resource Planning integration that provide the ability to interface your payroll and hr software painlessly.

100% Web-accessible solution: WerkFors Payroll and HR Software serves as your company’s workforce portal—the first stop for executives, HR/Payroll staff managers, and employees for company related activities, with access to human resources, pay and benefits information that draws employees in and with access to other value-added offerings that show the total value of employment at your organization.

Pay-related calculations

WerkFors Payroll provides robust earnings, deductions, benefits and workers' compensation calculations defined by groups. There is no need for side Payroll calculations or additional programming.

GuardForce Security Guard Software
WerkFors Payroll Software
Security Guard Software

“The first time I used GuardForce, I couldn’t it could do everything it could do.”


“GuardForce is the software to manage your Security Guard Company. ”


Monthly subscriptions

We make it easy to manage your security guard company. Choose one of our monthly subscription plans. Contact us about more details and payment info.



Perfect for the small companies that are less than 100 Guards.

  • 3 hours of support per month

  • Sites Module

  • Guard Module



Great for medium sized companies between 100-500 Guards

  • 12 Hours of support per month

  • HR/Asset Management

  • Up to 500 Guards



Enterprise Plans, companies with over 500 Guards.

  • Whatever you need

  • Custom Payroll Rules

  • Unlimited Guards